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These are the scores  I  produced with MOZART,
the Music Processor, by David Webber

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J. Haydn (Numbers are file size)
Title Filename Filedate ZIP MOZART Icon (189 bytes)
Clementi, M - Preludio alla Haydn; op.19, No.2clementi19-213-Jun-20077,44638,8202014,37545,081
Haydn, J - VI Favorits Menuettes: No.1haydn6-128-May-20015,67123,5058598,71237,024
Haydn, J - VI Favorits Menuettes: No.2haydn6-228-May-20016,10027,491none9,74740,621
Haydn, J - VI Favorits Menuettes: No.3haydn6-324-Jan-20016,46128,943none12,83240,843
Haydn, J - VI Favorits Menuettes: No.4haydn6-428-May-20014,66317,956none7,45736,685
Haydn, J - VI Favorits Menuettes: No.5haydn6-528-May-20016,60028,932none10,59840,909
Haydn, J - VI Favorits Menuettes: No.6haydn6-615-Jan-20014,93115,584none5,91831,979
Haydn, J - Minuethaydnmin24-Jun-20014,27213,4251,2232,42032,750
Haydn, J - Gypsy Rondojh-gypsy26-May-200111,10959,18056917,859103,366
Haydn, J - Menuettjh-menuett6-Aug-20038,40039,04180912,77348,001
Haydn, J - Scherzo from Hob.XVI:9jh-s03-312-Jun-20073,37612,2703413,32821,628
Haydn, J - Sonata No.43jh-s431-Aug-200324,056177,1941,07642,724217,427
Haydn, J - Sonata No.52jh-s525-Jul-200346,997270,0055,06258,190379,999
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