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These are the scores  I  produced with MOZART,
the Music Processor, by David Webber

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Carmina Burana

See Letter from Schott Musik

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Title Filename Filedate ZIP MOZART Icon (189 bytes)
1. O Fortunacb0124-Apr-200313,28386,3223,84819,00285,349
2. Fortune plango vulneracb0225-Apr-20039,90450,2343,70810,14847,667
3. Veris leta faciescb0315-Oct-20048,41730,0253,7574,21430,926
4. Omnia sol temperatcb0425-Apr-20036,69017,8683,7801,31827,499
5. Ecce gratumcb0528-Oct-200412,60369,3673,11015,28256,170
6. Tanzcb0625-Apr-20038,27448,2973,8539,01154,957
8. Chramer, gip die varwe mircb0825-Apr-20038,71338,6033,20111,68152,582
9a. Reiecb09a25-Apr-20035,46718,2423,7234,04825,417
9b. Swaz hie hat umbecb09b25-Apr-20037,82433,6983,4594,83443,749
9c. Chume, chum, geselle mincb09c25-Apr-20036,18017,9823,5824,47126,366
10. Were diu werlt alle mincb1025-Apr-20038,39336,6593,0157,01048,198
11. Estuans iteriuscb1125-Apr-200311,96556,4433,60012,11565,999
12. Olim lacus colueramcb1225-Apr-20038,93134,2353,5608,45551,729
13. Ego sum abbascb133-Jun-20037,82836,0203,3173,17837,252
14. in taberna quando sumuscb143-Jun-200320,020123,4093,60823,184142,064
15. Amor volat undiquecb1525-Apr-20036,91940,302none6,43253,281
16. Dies, nox et omniacb1625-Apr-20035,51230,034none3,22343,504
17. Stetit puellacb1725-Apr-20034,35425,523none5,59928,675
18. Circa mea pectoracb1825-Apr-20038,51449,131none9,62552,521
19. Si puer cum puellulacb1925-Apr-20035,06625,012none2,81131,197
21. In trutinacb2124-May-20034,16318,008none4,03126,717
23. Dulcissimecb239-May-20034,6259,0773,24566817,228
24. Ave formosissimacb2425-Apr-20038,98646,188none8,62251,562
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